Havana Love Seat & Ottoman

Havana Loveseat & Ottoman

“It was the final piece to make the room come together.”

THIS DESIGN WAS A SIMPLE ADAPTATION OF THE HAVANA “RETRO” LOUNGE CHAIR. This chair had taken many directions in its conception but I think that you will agree that the final design is captivating and will be a recognizable icon for years to come.

Such a simple design yet very eye catching and comfortable to sit in for hours, chatting with friends, listening to music or reading your favorite book. This chair is the perfect piece for your office, apartment, loft , mid century home. This chair is is designed with one purpose in mind, stylish comfort. You will be very pleased with the workmanship, materials and originality of this chair.

J. Sebastian

Foam Cushion
Chrome Lander Legs
Wood Frame Construction
Nylon Strapping
Baron Upholstery Vinyl Fabric
Chrome finishing tacks

29” high at the back
59” wide
Legs are 6”
Seating area is 12.75” high

55” long
11.5” high
17.5” wide

Finishes / Fabrics Available:
Lotus Upholstery Velvet
Baron Vinyl “Leather Look” Upholstery Fabric
Novatex Nylon Upholstery Fabric

Material Information