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Upholstery Sale starting January 15th

upholstery sale 2015


10-20% off Our most popular styles. The sale is also open to all custom upholstery piece. If you have been wanting to order a chair, sofa or modular seating system, now is the time!! Head over to our Etsy shop for the best selection and options!!

10% off our Havana lounge chair, Havana love seat and Havana chaise

20% off : Bokz , Ply Bak, Leentu  and EF design lines.

Sales ends Jan 31

” Lucky Thirteen”

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Or so the saying goes…..Well, it was only a matter of time.
A while back I started following a Mid Century Modern furniture enthusiast on Instragram and noticed that they had posted an image (to which I thought) was our Argyle Shelving unit on their account

.joybird ig argyle shelving unit

I was flattered to have one of my designs to be recognized as an “iconic” (if I can use that word) piece of MCM Design.
Fast forward a few weeks later and I noticed that this person had updated their IG profile which identified them as a furniture company specializing in Mid Century Design, such as myself. So I clicked over to their page ( and started browsing. I noticed in their portfolio that they offered the “Miles wall unit” which to my surprise was remarkably similar to my Argyle Shelving unit. Slightly bigger, offered in a few different finish options for over 3 times the price! ($1799.00) The image on their website couldn’t spell it out any clearer that they are reproducing our design! The legs are the exact same, and even right down to the placement of the shelves!! It would be nearly impossible for them to convince me that my design was not at very least an inspiration for their piece.


This type of thing has been happening in the MCM furniture community for years and there has been numerous debates about Chinese knockoff of original designs by Eames, Knoll , etc. Alter the dimensions slightly and call it something else and suddenly its yours!   Does it help or hinder the industry and market as a whole? There are arguments on both sides of the coin but as far as this situation goes,it’s flattering to know that my design is admired to a degree that other companies feel the need to copy my idea.
Are you certain you didn’t copy them? Yea, pretty sure since I designed and started offering this piece back in late 2006 and they had just formed as a company in 2013.


What’s next? Cease and Desist? Lawsuit?
Most likely not. I feel that it would be a waste of energy to focus on this but I do feel it is within my rights to call them out on this and to let them know that I will be paying closer attention to their products and business practices.  I am not here to trash talk or tell you not to buy from them, after all if you want to pay over 3x the price for a replica, be my guest, but if you want to purchase a limited production original from the original designer at a third of the price($550.00) , look no further!!

From what I can gather about Joy bird, It looks like they make some great furniture (albeit a number of pieces seem to be reproductions- including my Argyle Shelving unit ) It appears to be good quality and American made, so if you are in the market for furniture and there isn’t something that interests you from my product line, go check them out! (see guys, I even threw in a bit of advertising for you – FREE OF CHARGE!!)

joybird logo


The missing peanuts….

My friend and fellow Furniture Designer, James Culleton and I had noticed that our sea salt and cracked pepper peanuts were going missing at the studio…I think we found the culprits…..



Should have know better than to leave our tasty peanuts around these birds!!


Short Film by James Culleton – Music by: Les Paul

Yard Birds crafted by Jonathan Sebastian



Celebrating our 12th Anniversary

Celebrating our 12th Anniversary
Arch Chair Concept

Twelve years ago today, Lunar Lounge was founded from the basement of my parents’ home.  It all started from an idea. “To build some coffee tables and sell them on the internet” as crazy as that idea still sounds today, I am living proof that with enough drive, determination and desire, anything is possible.

Today it has grown to be so much more than that.  What started out as an idea has now taken me down a new path that I had never imagined for myself.  Its crazy to think that thousands of people, all over the world own and enjoy a piece of furniture I have made with my own hands.   People who I have never met  and quite possibly never will, believed enough in me and my word to purchase a piece , sight unseen  from half way across the country or globe to have it end up in their home.

To say I am flattered is an understatement.  I have been loved, hated, doubted and ridiculed but also admired and appreciated.  I have inspired others and been inspired.  I cannot thank all of the people who have influenced me, challenged me and have taught me and those who offered me their help when I needed it.

This adventure is far from over, but in the past 12 years , it’s easy to forget where you are if you don’t look back every once in a while to see how far you have come.  I can tell you it wasn’t easy..but it certainly has been worth it.  So I wish to thank all of those who have believed and supported me , without you, this idea would have never come to fruition. Here is to many more!